Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i see the sun ahead, i ain't never looking back all the dreams are coming true

Made it to Berlin, Germany, safe and sound. Left MSP yesterday around 3:30, arrived Amsterdam 8am, and Berlin around 10. Got the credential, per diem, athlete info, etc.....first thing I did was exactly what I wasn't going to do. Nap. For 3 hours. But I was exhausted. This will be a short post because I need to hit the sack. But the hotel is very nice. Estrel. Tomorrow is a workout, but that may get pushed if I don't get adequate sleep. Or at least what's adequate for traveling to Europe from the US. Katie and I are heading to Reebok hospitality over at the Marriott tomorrow around 11:30. I will update on a daily basis here in Berlin hoping that people are actually following. Here's what my week has looked like since last Saturday:

Sat (2 weeks out) 18 miles in 1:55 in 90 degree temps and Annapolis, Maryland, style humidity.

Sunday Scheduled day off

Monday am 4xmile in high 4:30s. Not feeling the way I wanted. Lundo assures me this is the marathon peak at work. PM 31 min

Tues My good buddy Zac does dispense the best advice at times. Thanks Schen-del for helping me keep the perspective for this thing. 74 min run into Cedar Lake trails with some strides after.

Wed 61 min here in Berlin with Eduardo. Nice little (stress little) forest 10 min from hotel. Heckuva stretch following.

Positive energy people. Positive energy.


  1. Good luck Matt - I'm sure the hard work will pay off.

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  3. Way to stay positive Matt! You're such an inspiriation, and your blog posts are great to follow!

  4. i am following and appreciate your posts.