Tuesday, August 18, 2009

you're a runner, baby, you're a runner, a runner wild and a runner steep

Todays thoughts: some words of wisdom that brought me back to reality. I cannot stress this enough...what is written below was very, very clutch. C-L-U-T-C-H.

Warning copyrighted material here (CMW):

You're head is talking to you because you REALLY feeakin care about this thing on Saturday. I mean its the most important thing you care about right now, THE most. And that is spectacular, because you're getting to do something very few people can ever say they did..... Represent the usa in a WORLD championship in something sooooo close to your heart.
When we care, about anything that important to us, doubts creep in, we zero in on the what ifs the "is this really happening", the "should I really be here" stuff. Especially in running when thousands of things you do, from deciding to go in early on a Friday night, the workouts, the sleep, the decisions you've made that create your days all build into this one thing.... Starting at 11:45.

Why should you have doubts when stuff has gone right? You have the proof. Its such an honest sport and you haven't been half assing. You've done stuff right. So don't doubt..... Be nervous, scared, in awe of the anticipation, but just don't doubt.

We watched the men's 10k at the track. Dathan looked very strong. But Bekele. The stride of Bekele is simply amazing. It did not matter if he was running 62s per lap of 67s, it was just fluid. I wondered if he ever has experienced the pain of distance running the way I have experienced it. Or does pain even exist within his body when he is out there. Anyway, seeing him run live was something else. Also, the men's 100m medal ceremony was last night. 9.58. Sick. If I ever find out that Bolt is dirty, I will hunt him down and kick him in the nuts.

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