Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One Step Closer to Knowing

I have been meaning to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season. So Happy Festivus, people.
It has been a long time coming, but I honestly can say that more than ever I feel truly blessed to have the people and relationships in my life that I do. And I love running. I am in a very good spot at the moment. It is all about positive energy as I have been reminded time and time again this year.

I was in Rapid City, South Dakota, with the Schwengler family all last week for a quick hit of altitude training. I ate elk for the first time in my natural born life. My eyes witnessed the truly amazing Mt. Rushmore for the first time as well. I shot guns (22s). I saw a 10 point buck run through the middle of someone's front yard. I threw Julie in a snowbank at 10pm. It was an awesome week. We ended up staying 2 extra days because I-90 was closed down and so returning to either MN or IA was impossible. Because of this I sadly had to miss the gathering of Gabrielson in Belmond, Iowa. I actually cried about this because I was very much needing to see the fam. Luckily we were able to get to the farm in Rickardsville the previous weekend, and we will head to Belmond this weekend for a quick visit.

Next up: USATF Half Marathon. I will say nothing about this except I will run as hard as I am able to on the day. Training has been where it should be. Lehm and I will head to Phoenix to stay at La Casa de Schumacher at some point after Houston for a month or so. I want nothing more than for 2010 to be a banner year. I wish the same for everyone.

PS...Dear Minnesota Vikings, enough toying around. Start playing like the Superbowl Champions that we will be in a few short months. Gracias. Love, Matt G.

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