Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Old School

After a dodgy few days of training due to travel, weather, and lack of time, the workout Monday was a beaut and has given me a shot of much needed confidence. The White Pine and I were able to thrash out the traditional downward ladder in some solid times at the U track. I have not been satisfied with a workout for nearly a year now as I was with this one and I have a gut feeling some good things are about to happen. I am planning on the next 7 days being relatively high in the miles and then off to Scotland on Tuesday.

Today was a gorgeous day and I took full advantage. While the paths are pretty much as bad as I can remember, the sunshine and mild (read 30F) temps made me happy to be out there. I love to be on a run and think about all the guys who came before me who would train through the Minnesota winters and run real fast because of it. Dennis has reminded me numerous times over the last 10 years that nothing quite compares to being out on a run just pushing through the Minnesota dark and cold. Reading his old logs from the 80s gets me inspired to keep up the old school style training. This is where all science is thrown out the window and running is just running. And there isn't another place on the planet where you are able to train as old school as you are in Minnesota. Well, except when we get on the treadmill; or go to the indoor track. Not too old school there. But, you do what you do to gain fitness even if it isn't old school. Although, running fast reps in the Auggie Dome is about as old school as you can get.

Anyway, tomorrow will be a tough one with an AM and a PM sesh. We are supposed to get freezing drizzle followed by rain before the temps plummet again tomorrow as well. That will make it really interesting around here. I have to do a little bit more roof raking so no ice dams develop and then back to square one which will be shoveling more snow. Gotta love living here. Real old school, just the way I like it.

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