Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Got a brand new suit and a brand new wife (almost) I can live on rice and beans Some people never worked a day in their life Don't know what work even means

Thought of the Day:
Do you ever notice when you are on a run the cyclists all decked out in their lycra and helmets and silky smooth legs...you can hardly tell the difference between who is absolutely fantastic and who is average on the bike? I mean obviously in a case where they are riding 30+mph it is differenct, but man I tell you I saw about 15 riders who looked like they could be a professional during my 1:20 run yesterday afternoon.

Another workout in the books. I will rank today's sesh as my best effort since late September of 2008. This morning a little after 7, I met good, ol' Lehm at his place and jogged to the Ford Bridge parking lot by the Lock and Dam where Ddog was waiting patiently as usual with a gigantic grin on his face. You could just tell that old Gargamel Barker and something very tricky up his sleeve.

On tap was 2x5.5 miles on the River Road loop heading north, crossing Lake/Marshall Bridge and heading back on the St. Paul side to Ford Bridge and to the parking lot. It is not flat by any means but more steadily rolls similar to how Grandma's will play out. A big hill going up to St. Thomas mimics Lemon-Drop hill at a point in the workout where I needed to dig a little to stay on pace as well. Brilliant.

So I averaged 4:58 on the first rep with Jason right there doing his first workout since running a very nice 2:13 at London Marathon. I felt pretty good on this first rep and always felt like I had something more to give which was good as I had another one to go.

Took the short rest between to drink some Cytomax and jog out any stiffness in the legs that had crept in. The second repetition blew my mind as I averaged 4:50 and felt very in control. I told Dennis beforehand that this workout was going to be tough SOB. His answer: "Well good, it's supposed to." I did not think I would be in so much control of my body, breathing, and rythym. Very happy with today.

I am in a good spot right now with 3.5 weeks until raceday in Duluth. I will be very busy over the next few days with all the wedding activities which is probably a good thing as I won't have training on my mind constantly as I sometimes do. Distractions can be good for the soul.

I love running though. Especially in the spring when the humidity is starting to be noticeable and especially when you experience the training effect I was fortunate enough to feel today. My mind is sharp at the moment and I am fit so it's just time to stop talking and instead time to rock and roll. See you at Brian Kraft, two days after I become Mr. Julie Schwengler.

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  1. Nice job Matty G!! All you can do is put in the hard work and have faith, something easier said than done. You are doing it!!