Sunday, September 18, 2011

One week from tomorrow we will learn the sex of our first child. I have this deeply seated feeling that Julie and I are having a girl. Also, after 33 years I will officially become an adult!

Honestly, it is still hard to grasp onto the idea that I will become a father in February. Never in a million years did I think I would feel this attached to something that I haven't even laid eyes upon yet. This is completely the case, though. I feel like everything I do from training to coaching, to hawking shoes at TC Running, is motivated by this little human being that will be born around February 17.

And to be honest I needed a shot of it. Of the motivation. I am 33 years old and it just isn't the same as it was 10 years ago when you pound out every run trying to become the next upstart American distance runner dreaming of outsprinting Tim Broe, Adam Goucher, or Bob Kennedy to the line in the 5000m.

In the present time, the thinking is what do I have to do to sneak into the top three at the Olympic Trials in Houston, Texas? In the marathon. Completely different.

Do I need to get out there and skull 140 mile weeks or are 110 enough? Pace on these runs mean very little to me now. I am sure sometimes I average 7:30 pace on a 10 miler. Whatever. !0 years ago, I possessed the mentality that every run should count. Meaning, hammer every run. I have learned that every day is different and I always take what I am given. I believe this is how you see improvement. You never push the envelope if you cannot. And if you can, well for the love you better be pushing.

I also truly believe that, besides Ryan Hall possibly being a lock, the 2nd and 3rd spots are up for grabs on January thee 14th in Houston. Who knows what Ritz is up to, or Meb, or if Galen or Solinsky will run? Who knows?

But I know that there are about 10-20 guys who could have the day of their lives out on those roads of Houston, Texas, and sneak away with a berth on Team USA for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Everyone will have their own motivation, but none will have the extra shot of motivation I will have to make that team.

Two dates in my future with everything on the line: January 14th and February 17th. 2012.

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