Thursday, December 15, 2011

ahem, is it me or is it hot in here?

So the other night AC and I ran at Lifetime inside on the treadmills. I wore long tights and a long sleeve. AC wore long tights, winter hat, tshirt, and sweatshirt. SWEAT. ING.

Tonight I one-uped old AC. Tights, Goretex pants, Carharrt overalls, two pairs of wool socks, four long sleeves, a Goretex jacket, Carhartt jacket, and sweatshirt, two hats, and my winter boots. Oh, and a neck gaiter. And a balaclava. I did 20 miles at a relaxed 5:16 per mile pace. God, it was so hot. I forgot three pairs of gloves, including one Gortex.

So I made this up, but we are trying to make sure that we ignite the sweating mechanism and run in a little bit of a mini-sauna in case Houston gets a tad warm on the 14th of January. The record high is 80. So we are trying our best to "heat train" as Sparky calls it using layers upon layers and hopefully we can be as prepared as possible coming from the Northland.

In closing, my brother and his wife Megan are running the 5k the day after the Trials in Houston. They started running to get fit before their wedding this past October and are still at it - I am thinking they caught the bug. This makes me extremely happy and I am very excited that a large majority of the fam will be making the trek.

Ryan Hall says it will take under 2:10 to make the team. Guys like Reid Coolsaet (Canada take off eh), Scott Overall (UK), and Brett Gotcher (USA) have PRs near that, and so knowing that I have come fairly close in some, not all, races to those boys over the course of my career gives me some hope. I am not saying I am going to run 2:10 easy, no problem, just line up and it's guaranteed. But I will go down fighting and if I can run the pace that day I will, and if I can't well then I'll take what I'm given on that occasion and be happy with knowing I put it all down.