Friday, June 26, 2009

some like it hot, but you cant tell how hot til you try

Let's get right into it...the last few days have been a whirlwind. I have seen so many comments on Michael Jackson passing away, and I just want to say my first (and only that I can remember) vinyl was 'Thriller.' I was six years old, and used to blast that thing on my brown Fisher Price record player. Our Kindergarten gang used to patrol the playground with our Iowa State jackets and criss crossed velcro shoes all knowing that we were the biggest Michael Jackson fans in Belmond. RIP, MJ.

I am SO excited to have my teammate Katie McGregor make the USA 10000m squad for the World Champs in Berlin. That girl works very, very hard and is tougher than anybody I can think of. Even though I know she isn't completely satisfied, it was a solid effort last night in Eugene. I really feel like sometimes, it's hard to run a fast 10k at Hayward so it was a nice effort. Anyway, we are going to Berlin together and it's a great feeling. More motivation for myself to keep this train rolling.

This morning Lehm, Schen-del (and little Annie in the baby jogger) ran 10 miles pretty decent on the Parkway. I actually pushed the jogger for a bit, and it is amazing the looks some ladies will throw your way. I don't think Schen-del gets the same looks I did though. Must be the hairy back or something. I didn't feel the best on the out and back (a change from the usual routine though). It's been pretty hot and humid here, but I think that will serve it's purpose come August 22. Probably will run another 7 in the afternoon heat. A nice massage from Gregg earlier will hopefully help get the legs to come around over the next few days. Lehm and I are running long tomorrow, upwards of 22, and I am gonna wear a water belt. I'm sure it will look cool and everything. I refuse to don the Fuel Belt however.

Also, I shot a 41 at Ft. Snelling today with Lehm and the Swans. Golf is so weird - man sometimes I suck, but sometimes I can get really lucky. Sorta like running. I have decided it's all about how you approach it from a mental standpoint. It's pretty easy to get flustered, but you just have to keep cool, and roll with the punches on that day. I love golf, I love running, and it was a perfect day for both.

Be good, MG

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