Sunday, July 26, 2009

he whistles and he runs so hold him fast

This was one BRILLIANT weekend. The 10k race/time trial Saturday AM turned into a cluster F. I ended up not running the exact course and my offical time is listed as 29:58 but it was quite faster than that. Nobody told me to get on the bike path on the 2nd loop after you cross Cedar Ave, and I stayed on the road dodging the walkers, then realized about 1200 meters later that I was running way further than I should be, and jumped on the bike path around mile 5. I was satisfied though with my effort for the most part. Did feel a bit tired from the training. Afterwards was fun too, getting coffee and lunch with Kristen and her friends. Thanks for the memories peeps.

For the first time in my life, I watched 'Emperor's New Groove' with Heather and Ben Saturday night and let me just say that the message this movie sent set the stage for an excellent Sunday run out on the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge trails. This run was absolutely EFFING epic as my favorite runner in the history of running (besides possibly Jason Lehmkuhle) called me up to go thrash it out. This person was in town for a two-day wedding and he was fresh off a US 7 mile championship This person got taken out behind the woodshed and given a good-old fashioned running beatdown Minnesota style by Vega and me. Just messin'. but we did run 17 decent miles (I added on four more). Incidentally, this person was 2004 Olympic silver medalist Meb. Pretty motivating day, and really I am now pumped more than ever for this thing. He offered, what was just fantastic advice for the World Champs. Thank you Meb and Vega for a really great experience.

124 or so miles last week. One last 7 day stretch of higher volume (120-140 mi... we'll see how I'm feeling). We will have a faster session Tuesday to set up a pretty solid Friday session of 2.5 mile repeats at marathon pace coming down to the LT by the end. It's will be nice because Vega and I are in sync this week compared to going at it alone.

I have absolutely nothing else on the agenda, and so this is a major week of focus. Nothing will be left to chance, absolutely nothing. Not diet, sleep, hydration, training, stretching, strength training, you get the point.

Off to simulate the thin mountain good!

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