Thursday, July 23, 2009

if you wanna get it big time, go ahead and get it get it big time

Half-tights check. Bandana headband check. Shades check. Garmin GPS check. Throw the arms up in the air at the finish check. Douche bag of the year check.

Perfect night in Mnpls Wednesday evening to run the Torchlight 5k. Workout mode, not race mode. Life Time Fitness has given a lot to our group over the years and they don't ask much in return, so why not run their biggest race of the summer with four of your good buddies. The positive news is that I can tell a lot of fire exists within me at the moment.

Boston Scientific Heart of Summer 10k at Lake Nokomis on Saturday. A good tune-up/rust-bust four weeks out from Berlin. Hoping to run 29 low to mid ish.

Tuesday I ran 10 and 8. Wednesday 10 and 8 with 3 miles at 4:45 pace. Should be at 120-130 this week with a big push next week and then slowly bringing her down.

'Startin to come together, Pepper, Startin to come together!'

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