Monday, July 20, 2009

what's the world got in store? what's the world got in store for you? what's the world got in store for you now?

Struggled a little bit today with my contribution to the blogsphere. Then my World Champs Marathon teammate - Nathaniel Jenkins- reminded me about this:

Here is the thing that makes life so interesting. The theory of evolution says ‘only the strong shall survive.’ Maybe so. Maybe so. But the theory of competition says that just because their the strong doesn’t mean they can’t get their asses kicked. Thats right! You see what every long shot, come-from-behind underdog will tell ya this: The other guy may, in fact, be the favorite. The odds may be stacked against you. Fair enough. But what the odds don’t know is this isn’t a math test. This is a completely different type of test. One where passion has a way of trumping logic. So before you step to the starting line, before the whistle blows and the clock starts ticking, just remember, out here the results don’t always add up. No matter what the stats say and the experts may think and the commentators may have predicted, when the race is on all bets are off. Don’t be surprised if somebody decides to flip the script and take a pass on yelling ‘uncle.’ And then suddenly, as the old saying goes, we got ourselves a game.

–From the Versus commercial that has been running a lot lately

Not surprisingly, I was a bit tired today for the session. 800s in 2:12 basically. Fairly happy I was able to hit 2:08 for the last one. The last 4 days I have averaged over 20 a day, including nights at 8000+ feet, so that most likely is the reason for the heavy breathing and lack of 'pop' in the legs. Yet, I deposited more into the account and I am at peace with the outcome from the AM.

As I have said before, I draw so much inspiration from the written word. When I read the above lines from the Versus commercial, my heart-rate skyrocketed and adrenaline started flowing all throughout the body. I look very forward to practicing athletics this afternoon. Most likely I will get out for an hour of recovery jogging. My positive thoughts to those who today, are struggling in this world. Peace and love.


  1. Hey Matt-
    I'm loving the written word you're putting up. My goal is to get the standard for the 2012 trials and I am inspired reading about what you are doing. My wife and I bought a house at 8200ft altitude above Boulder and it's been brutal making the adjustment. Huge difference in energy and recovery!
    Cheers and thanks for the word.

  2. A link to that commercial can be found