Sunday, July 19, 2009

close your eyes, clear your heart, cut the cord

Today was uneventful in the life and times of old Matty G. I actually slept last night for 8 or 9 hours straight without having to wake up half-way through to take a leak. This is a good thing and for the life of me cannot remember the last time it happened.

In the AM went over to Harv's and cranked out 15 with Havey, Hanlone and the Nicolini (aka Lehmkuhle) family. Nothing fast, but just good enough. Ran another 6 in the pm and wore half-tights without a shirt around Harriet and Calhoun. I am pretty sure what people were thinking, but you can't control what they actually think so f it. It was comfortable and sleek and that is all that matters.

Let's see, this week...prob another at ~130 with a 5k specific workout, some very light threshold, a 10k race, and a long run. A nice refreshing week before cranking out the final 2.5 weeks pre-taper where I am sure we will become a little more marathon specific. Seems like everything is still coming along. I have no complaints. I feel the good tired you should feel during a marathon training stint.

So Hanlone had a lady within striking distance on Friday night. Things were processing nicely... laughs, smiles, a nice dialogue, and then BOOM he called her by the wrong name. This ended any chance. Thanks, Mike, for reminding the rest of us the importance of, at the very least, remembering the name.

The Twins are actually playing the Rangers on a Sunday evening so I am excited for the night ahead. 3 games over .500 and on the way to the penant! Be good!

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