Saturday, July 18, 2009

keep it upstairs for the grand finale

I love athletics and especially distance running. Is that really a big surprise? Currently I am watching the Heusden KBC Night of Athletics meeting online. This is the first year out of the past 4 that I am not in Belgium racing the 5k in Heusden. I was always fortunate to get into the section I needed to be in. Anwyay, nothing beats thousands of inebriated Belgians going crazy at a track meet. The atmosphere here is just wild....great music blasting ting, announcer has huge energy and enthusiasm, and most importantly always fantastic performances all around. I miss it, so bless the internet.

The session yesterday was outstanding. Nothing too crazy or intense, but a run that left me feeling once again that the marathon training is progressing right on schedule. I felt strong, my arm carriage was comfortable, and my stride felt just right.

McGregor and Carrie came out to display their loyalty. These are my two favorite teammates and training partners in the entire world. I think I appreciate them so much, because there is nothing fake about the relationships I have with each of them. We are always brutally honest with each other, good or bad.

There is a very hilly loop along the Highland Golf Course in St. Paul where we did this long marathon paced run. I was able to set up refreshment bottles on my car so I could grab my special electrolyte beverages each lap. I avg'd about 5:05 a mile on this course which is actually a pretty good clip considering how challenging it is. I do feel fit, almost like I am a real distance runner.

I have learned how important it is to have the legs very strong in order to perform your best at the end of a marathon. While uphill repeats are great and necessary, i think it is extremely important and extremely necessary to also run fast downhill in order to really condition the quads et al. That's why the loop we did the run on is perfect because you get up and you get down. Also, from a mental standpoint you really have to grind it out on this loop after about half-way. It is one tough effin loop.

I am off to meet Deej and his dad for 18 down near Chanhassen. It is so chilly here, in fact I wore long tights and a long sleeve this morning, which wasn't necessary, but I want to be ready for heat in case Berlin weather is not favorable for marathoning on Aug 22. Also, keg beer sucks. That's another thing I miss about Belgium....without any doubt whatsoever, the best beer in the world is brewed by the Belgian Monks.

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