Thursday, July 16, 2009

some of us stand with our face to the fire but all of us breathe the smoke

Anybody who says that someone who listens to music while running isn't a 'real runner' can kiss my grits. One of the highlights of my day is getting out for the second run by myself and cranking the tunes on the Shuffle. I especially like it in the summertime when one can run shirtless and just sweat it out with tons of people getting fit around the Lakes. Just really great positive energy in this situation.

A very, very easy day today. All I did was 12 miles down at Hyland Hills on the trails. Dennis said to just run once today to save the legs a bit for tomorrow's marathon specific session. That I did.

I really, really cannot wait to do this thing tomorrow. Pretty much a full dress rehearsal starting with the pre-race meal the night before and morning of, practicing fluid intake, pace work, etc. McGregor just texted and said she is going to come out and show some love/support. All the best to me. Hopefully your wildest dreams are coming true as well.

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