Tuesday, July 14, 2009

run on and on the lonliness of the long distance runner

Today, I draw inspiration from a homeless man carrying a plastic bag over his shoulder with what appeared to be empty aluminum cans and possibly some tshirts, but I am not sure. As I was running back and forth on Boom Island, this gentleman stopped to chat with Dennis who was standing at one end of the dirt path. They chatted, Dennis told him what we were out there for, and the guy said that I needed to listen to Iron Maiden 'The Lonliness of the Long Distance Runner' to get me going before the race in Berlin on August 22. Done and done.

Solid workout too of short mile-3k paced intervals. Lots of unique individuals on the Island today. One dude looked like Forrest Gump when he was running all over the US. Honestly, I felt very strong, and this sets me up nicely for the impending marathon specific mother on Friday. Edgecumbe Hills will be tough, but I really gotta nail this one to make certain that I can handle a sustained effort at the goal pace. This will also justify to myself that feeling good as of late isn't a fluke. Drive it like ya stole it as Hos says.


  1. I'm quite enjoying reading your blog (got the link from Kurt's)...nice to randomly see what friends from the past are up to. Will be thinking of you in August for sure! Lisa Mulrooney

  2. Will you be running "the" Berlin Marathon course or is it different for the Worlds?

  3. criterium style 10k loop with 2k added on the final loop. flat. fast depending on what the weather is like at 11:45 am.