Monday, July 13, 2009

better run run run put your armor on again

Random thoughts from the day.....

*new season of entourage *ticket to berlin:roger that *roommate request:roger that *the official shipment from unitedstatesofamericatrack&field came with all the uniform pieces *reebok *ive gotta remember to order a new pair of reeboks from Jennifer *taikan IB II is an awesome flat, red, but awesome *so this thing has never been more official *just looking forward to COMPETING *i want to run a huge PR in the 2:12-2:13 range.

athletics practice today: ran 12 in the am with Lehm on the river bottoms. outstanding running terrain. trudged 6 in the pm & felt like shit. that's the way the waves crash sometimes. that actually just came to me. busy day, work, walk dogs, do a workout, watch the Twins. Let's keep this train rollin'!

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