Sunday, July 12, 2009

get after it!

Another year of CTTC has come and gone. What a fantastic weekend! Carrie, Kam, and crew have put together an awesome camp....the kids were outstanding as well and I am positive they had a GREAT time. I was lucky enough to be the featured speaker on Saturday night before the big dance (by the way hip hop class at LTF has really brought me along:) It was very rewarding and fun to be able to share the revelations I have had over the past three months with 100 other people. I think it went quite smooth if I do say so myself. Nobody fell asleep from what I could tell!

135 miles this past week with a Tokyo style 25 mile run to end the week. The workout days were Monday and Thursday with 5k work and threshold work respectively. I got my doors blown off on some strides on the soccer field at St. Kate's one day during camp. Heather Dorniden took me out behind the woodshed and broke me down. However, I am starting to feel very, very strong - and more importantly confident - for the first time in about 9 months. I think that I am in the perfect postition in the training cycle at the moment. August 22nd is roughly 6 weeks away, and over the next four or so a lot of marathon specific paced workouts will happen. We will throw a race into this mix at the end of July. Heading to Berlin August 11 to meet up with Dan Browne for the final 10 days before the race. Good times!!!

Also got to watch the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon Saturday with all the campers. Throw the Tour into the mix, and I have all the motivation one needs to get out and run a TON. Anyway, shout to David Thompson for a solid finish at LTF. He was able to address the campers after the race and I think the looks on their faces showed tremendous respect. I want so bad to be as ripped as those guys, but it ain't gonna happen unless I start droppin' laps pool style. F that.

More miles, and definitely more sleep. Here's to a week of bliss.

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