Wednesday, July 8, 2009

when life gives you lemons you paint that shit gold

Mike Hanlon (aka Han-lone) tripped me today - AGAIN. The funny thing is right before it happened I pictured it happening in my mind because he was riding it pretty close. I caught myself with my hands on the dirt path and dealt with the burning sensation, got up and didn't yell but lightly shouted 'Mike you are the only one who trips me.' It happened one other time on the Apple Valley loop on the paved bike paths this past spring. That time I got pissed (mainly because life was kicking me in the nuts HARD at that point in time) and finished the 20 miler running 5:20s. This time it was different. I kept relatively calm, and actually felt bad because Han-lone turned and ran the other way because he was expecting a different reaction. I convinced him that everything was fine and to get his butt back here with our group of 5. No 5:20s I promised Mike - he was expecting the same as last time and it wasn't about to happen.

I guess my point is this....I have grown a lot as a human being since March 23, 2009. I am more calm. I recognize that you can't let things out of your control, control you. I have gotten mad in races for people impeding my stride (been known to yell at some of the local Kenyans), thrown full Powerade bottles against the curb at halfway of a marathon because I missed my water bottles because they were in the wrong place, or gotten pissed off because certain workouts have sucked. Dennis and I have had some good talks... about just doing what your mind and body will let you do on the current day and not letting little things matter or bother. Upper body relaxation, he always says, will let the legs then turnover easier. I now realize that the mind is part of the upper body and that must stay relaxed also.

There was also a lochness monster/brontosaurus torso and neck sticking out of Lake Harriet this morning. I don't think we scared it because it never moved. I will do some detective work and get to the bottom of this. Speaking of bottom....bottomless 1000s tomorrow. I gotta go set up the shuffle with some random tunes and get in the second 10 miler of the day. Oh and pull ups. Meeting a new special friend at the Gnome tonight as well. Belgium nostalgia at the moment, so that will be the cure tonight. A shout out to my buddy Stephen Haas...I feel your pain my friend, I really do. Stick to the plan. Stick to your plan.


  1. Yes you have come a long way buddy !!

  2. red the head like the dick on a dog! I think Nessy really does exist in Harriet, or was i just bonking once...

    good workouts in; keep er' going.