Wednesday, July 29, 2009

so if you're gonna get made, don't be afraid of what you've learned

Written on the front of the card my mom gave me for my 31st b-day was this:

'Decide to be happy and you are halfway there.'

Now, my mom sent this to me about a month ago, and I took a look at it today and the words really just made my sternum want to pop out - right Claire! Seriously, think about it...think about how strong the mind is. We can condition that which is above our shoulders to do some pretty spectacular things. I wanna do something special on August 22nd, and deciding this and really, truly believing it deep within my soul, well. I'm halfway there.

The other half is training the correct way (at least correct for me) and today I did just that. Nostalgia was calling my name, and so I headed out to Lebanon Hills for some running through the woods. This park is where I did nearly all of my recovery runs before NYC - first marathon - in 2006. Man it felt so good to be out there with the sun shining through the tree gaps without any semblance of another soul around just dreaming about the days ahead.

Dennis said to be very conservative today and tomorrow. So I just did a 52 minute run in the am and 47 in the pm. The afternoon run was pretty late because I did not want to pass up a chance to hit up McCoy's for their happy hour. I especially did not want to miss out on a chance to be in the company of DJ, Corey, and Matt M. Pretty fun times . Actually felt surprisingly good for the second run.

Tomorrow will be one run of 12 before the 2nd to last monster session of this cycle. 15 miles (21 with w/u and c/d) at marathon pace hopefully down to half-marathon pace on the last few repeats. I better bring the 'a' game and I better decide I will rip it, then I'll be halfway there. Thanks mom. Really. Thanks.

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  1. Reminds me of what Dr. Dave said at the World Champs Marathon Team Summit: "To be a great runner you must be happy, healthy, hungry and fit - in that order".