Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i gotta say that today is fresh, and tonight ain't nobody gonna get any rest

Made it 29 and half yesterday in 3 hrs. Never forced any sort of pace, just let it happen the way it happened. All of a sudden I was clicking off sub 6 minutes per mile. Some days, 'IT' is just there - for any number of unexplainable reason(s) - where you feel like you could run forever. And it is so stupid because Sunday (by the say I was wearing wind pants, tshirt, and hooded sweatshirt with a headband and hood pulled over my head to make it hot since it isn't here in the 612) I felt terrible for the first 63 minutes of a 65 minute run. Gotta love marathon training!

So I leave for Germany two weeks from today. IT'S AUGUST. For all that is fair and just, IT'S AUGUST...so many emotions flowing through me right now. I think the training is all there....now will Matt's body and mind cooperate on August 22. I mean the objective is simply to avg 505s for 26.2. How hard can it be - right?!

Not much else is going on at the moment. Hopefully, I can pull out a good story or two over the next few days to liven this deal up a bit. All the best to my cousin Casey this weekend, and Tina too, with the nuptials. Should be a good time. Looking forward to seeing the fam.

Ironically I will be doing a final longish run Saturday in Germantown. Albeit Wisconsin. But still Berlin, Germany - Germantown, WI. The karma here is fantastic.


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  1. Nice interview, Matt!

    I liked your response to the question about the course - "I'll be going over 11 days before the race. I think there will be enough time to run a six-mile loop on that thing."