Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Training for the week

This week I am staying with my good friend Bolota in Oakland, CA. At about 1:30am Satruday morning, I decided to change my itinerary that was supposed to get me home Saturday by 2:20pm and will arrive on Sunday PM instead. I figure I will be able to absorb the 2 hour time change, and sleep a lot this week in order to be really rested for another attempt at 10000m on the track. I have zero time or place goals, rather this time I will just run to race and let the chips fall. Regardless of the time, I will finish this one. You see, last Friday night was another semi-disaster. During the middle of the race, I decided enough was enough....I felt flat and I knew I would have an opportunity to run faster the following weekend at Stanford. So I ran off the track at about 6k or so. I absolutely hated myself for a moment for pulling the plug, but I was at peace with the decsion 48 hours or so later.

I have trained like this for the week:
Sunday 1h31m run in Golden Gate Park. Solid pace, nothing crazy, running hard uphill at the end. Probably made 14 miles.
Monday AM Hour run on some beautiful trails atop Cal-Berkeley. PM 30+ minutes with Magda and Stephan from the track with drills and a stride following.
Tuesday AM 6.5 miles around some lake. I will workout in the PM with 4x800m with 2 min rest hopefully most under 2:10 but we shall see.

One thing I know about my running loops I have back in the Cities....I love them. A lot. And I realize I'm lucky to have the support from Reebok, my team, Dennis. I want nothing more than to run a decent one this Saturday to pay homege to all. And most importantly, to give myself a nice boost of confidence. Keep on trucking, Peeps.

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