Wednesday, May 5, 2010

if you can't say f it in this sport then it will chew you up and spit you out

My very good friend, Ol' Lundo, has a brand spanking new blog that is truly the most fantastic blog I have come across:
Just some fresh reminders from Chris relating to life and of course the greatest sport in the entire world - distance running.

So I tried a new drink at Caribou this am. This drink on paper sounded fantastic, but after actually taking a drink it sucked. Non- fat chai tea latte with two espresso shots. Not sure what the name is, but maybe I will come up with one. The "yuppie red-eye" might be a good fit. The lady at this particular Caribou is very annoying BTW. Her laugh makes me want to cringe. Enough with the negative energy, MG!

Julie is such a good cook, motivator, and personal strength coach. She is the triple threat. I have never eaten as healthy in my life as the past few months. In fact, she made her way to the mnpls farmers market last weekend and we will be purchasing all fruits and vegetables from this utopia. What a great place....for instance, blueberries for a single $. Also, I have been concentrating on strengthening my hip and pelvic region on the left side as this has been effed up for about 5 years now. Every night at the Lifetime in SLP, we stare at ourselves in the mirrors and even out all possible imbalances. Thank you miss julie.

As for my next go at racing...I'm thinking about running 5000m on the track at an athletics contest hosted by It is on May 29th out in Corvallis, OR. The 1oooom at stanford was abysmal. My achilles got effed up during the thing, and I wanted to drop but I couldn't because that would have been 3 in a row. On top of it, I felt like shit. I am taking 5 days off, regrouping, and getting back to training that I have done in the past that has worked for me. I am taking more ownership of my running and training because I know what has worked before, and sometimes that is forgotten.

The Minnesota Twins are on fire. It is May. Love is in the air. The boys at Edina are progressing nicely, and running fantastic. Now if I can just get my own running back on track, life will be nearly perfect.

One last thing, I hope Ruby Anne Peterson is enjoying life thus far. Charlie and Carrie are awesome peeps so she will be as well - that is a guarantee. Pathetically I have yet to meet little Ruby, but soon enough, my friend.

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