Monday, October 17, 2011

Seventeenth of October Twenty Eleven

There are just certain people that bring out the best in me. I will not name those who bring out the worst, even though I desperately want to. But I am extremely blessed to have my wife Julie by my side as she really brings the positive energy. And in running I am fortunate to train with a great group of boys. Especially AC and Lehm. I just feel confidence after a good morning of training with these guys.

We've started preparing for the Olympic Trials Marathon in Houston on January thee 14th. I would guess that each of us feels like we are in a good spot at the moment with the fitness, yet top level shape feels like it's light years away (even though it is extremely close. Like probably 12 hours for Jason). And although the first couple workouts and long runs of this 3 month stretch are challenging enough to elicit the same response each time, "Ugh," we can handle them and be excited for whatever is next thrown at us. I would say this is a fair assessment.

I also think it will be extremely important over the next 13 weeks to spend a couple Saturday nights hanging out at the Park Tav, enjoying Surly's Furious, and listening to somewhat surprisingly above average karaoke. Thank you AC, wife, Joey, and Hannah for the laugh attack(s) Saturday night.

13 weeks to go, plenty of 130ish weeks, lots of dreaming big, and a ton of memories. I'll keep you posted.

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