Wednesday, October 19, 2011

one step closer to the edge

Today was the Wednesday Hyland run with Schen-dell, Lehm, and the rook Jonny Grey. It's easy to overdo this thing because of the hills. But I will be out there each Wednesday until the snow starts letting loose. The loop has been logged as anywhere from 9.7-12 miles depending on who you are. Zac had a Garmin on one arm and the Nike Sportwatch on the other and pathetically they were .3 of a mile different. He does hold his right arm in a jacked position so i am attributing the differences to that. We ran this loop a couple minutes faster than last week with the same effort so I am guessing the more consistent training the last couple weeks is coming together.

24x200 tomorrow and 3x2.5 miles Sunday. 120 miles for the week with 12 weeks to go from this Saturday until the (semi) big day. The actual big day will be around Feb. 17 when Doris Mae Gabrielson is due.

Section Cross Country Wednesday for the Edina Girls. I would give anything if the girls can grab one of the coveted two spots to the State Meet from Section 6AA. We'll race to get one that is for sure. Go Hornets!

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