Monday, November 7, 2011

the year of years

I will describe 2011 as easily the greatest year of my life. So far anyway. Not even close.

1. Married to the most fantastic woman on planet Earth
2. Baby girl Doris Mae Gabrielson on the way this Feb 17th
3. As a rookie coach led Edina girls to first MN State CC Meet in 12 years and finished in top half of the standings in 8th.
4. Ran huge PR in marathon at 2:13 which is the 6th fastest time in USA this year; currently seeded 11th for Olympic Trials Marathon in Houston January 14th.
5. Brother Mike married

So I am just really blessed. But I also believe that a human being goes out and makes things happen and that if one does things the way they were intended to be done then things totally will fall into place - or at least things will happen the way they do. There is always something to be learned whether it be a hard, tough lesson, or one that is easily digested. Whatever the case, I'm motivated and at 33 years old feel like I've accomplished a lot and really want to pass on those lessons learned to anyone willing to listen.

Today was a banner day out on the Luce. If I were to compile a list of my favorite training partners of all time Lehm and AC would be interchangeable at 1 and 2. It was the three of us skulling it out over the infamous Fifteententenfive today. It felt good to just push, and feel like we were really training our balls off. It was a fantastic feeling not letting myself give in and to have those guys there to drag me along was really awesome. It felt good to be in control and to really feel that progress is being made in fitness as Jan 14 looms just less than 10 short weeks away. So 8 miles averaging just at 4:50 pace or so is a huge boost to not only fitness but probably more importantly confidence.

I will add that the last five miles of Jason and my Friday 21 miler was right at 24:44. I did have to dig deep for that one, but the two days after of slogging actually did not feel that bad and that's a good sign also.

Finally, God bless whoever came up with Spotify. I am not sure how long this thing has been popular but for all the love it is an awesome, awesome concept. I have had to turn off the feature that lets others see what I am currently listening to. I don't need anyone learning about my affinity for Pitbull or Lawrence Welk. Wait...

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  1. Awesome year, Matt. I'm sure Lehm and AC are awesome training partners - just keep in mind when you're running 4:50 pace, you're kind of limited in partners.