Wednesday, August 11, 2010

middle distance runner

I'm really feeling it at the moment. The momentum is finally building in my favor for the first time all year. I am nowhere near top racing form or even beginning racing form, but I hope to change that over the next 6-8 weeks. My first gig may be the local Victory 5k on Labor Day over in N Minneapolis followed possibly by the Cow Harbor 10k out on Long Island Sept 25. Both of these could be blood baths or they could be a great start to finding the form. Either way, looking forward to it.

As I mentinoed though, training is processing nicely. I am up to about 80 miles a week with some sub thresh in there and strides and strength training. Today I was able to get in an hour twenty in the morning in the chokingly humid conditions followed by a 5 mile easy shag (same conditions, but hotter) in the PM along with 5 100m striders barefoot on the soccer fields right by the house. I have been putting a lot of the miles in at the Westwood Hills Nature Centure a mere 1 mile jaunt from the front door. Seriously, we have been stuck in this Minnesota heat-wave for a few weeks now where the temps are 90f and 70+ dew points. I can feel the body getting thrashed each step and I love it. Next week will be high 70s and that will probably feel like winter.

My younger brother, Mike got engaged to Megan Amanda a little bit ago and I am so proud of them and happy for the young couple. Just a perfect match. There is no doubt that this wedding will go down as one of the best. The tri-lams just know how to bring it. Anyway, congrats Mike and Megan.

Cross Country starts Monday and the boys have been working hard this summer. Hoping to sneak into the state meet this year. They have the ability as a team with the depth that exists, but it's just a matter of getting that killer instinct brewing. I will be doing the same with my own killer instinct.


  1. Dude I am so glad you are on a roll now !! Keep taking it one day at a time ......